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Areal photo of flooding in Louisiana

The Red Cross continues to request Amateur Radio volunteers to support communication at shelters housing evacuees from flooding of historic proportions in Louisiana. The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) in Louisiana has activated, and Section Emergency Coordinator Adam Tamplain, KD5LEH, has put out a call for additional volunteers, reaching out to neighboring states.


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Just in time for the Wednesday night Net, WARA launches a new Website. With some minor work left to be done and some changes already in the works, the new website is ready to provide the necessary information to know what's going on with WRA today!

For many years now, the Western amateur Radio Association has published a Newsletter which recently went by the name eNews. Over time popularity gradually faded, article contributions reduced, and it has now been retired.

We are reviving input and news about what's going on WARA and the world of HAM radio through our new Q-Blog. For those who liked to print the eNews the new Q-Blog articles can be printed as well. 

Simply click on the Gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Print