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Heil Sound Pro Audio is a modern microphone company founded by Bob Heil. They develop and manufacture the best recording microphones, studio accessories, and related products for broadcasters and the music industry. In the late 1970s Heil Sound entered the amateur radio market, with Heil ostensibly working to fix his perception of problems in the industry involving poorly transmitted and received audio.

Inspired by the 2000 movie of the same name by Gegory Hoblit, Frequency is a Television Drama series set to air this fall 2016. It gives Amateur Radio a little Hollywood airtime - good exposure. So give it a look when it airs and get back to the qBlog to see if we love it or hate it.



In a 2116 UTC status update on Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) operations in Louisiana, Assistant Section Manager Matt Anderson, KD5KNZ, said that Louisiana ARES is in the process of deactivating from the recent flood response, and the need for volunteers has ended.