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Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that the December Meeting has been changed to the 2nd Monday:  December 12th  (NOT December 5th).  There was a scheduling conflict and the Sizzler Restaurant asked us if we could move our meeting date by one week.  The board did not see an issue with it and so the meeting will be on December 12th.  

This meeting is our Christmas Party, so there will not be a guest speaker.  We will be having a "white elephant" gift exchange, so if you wish to participate, please bring a wrapped gift.  You don't have to buy a gift, per se.  If you are cleaning up your house for the holidays and come across something that you don't need/want anymore - you can wrap this up and use it for a gift too.

Thank you to John (AF6QK), our webmaster, for going over the website at the November meeting.  It was very informative and he answered a bunch of different questions that the member and guests in attendance had.

We had our elections at the November meeting and this is your 2017 Board for the Western Amateur Radio Association:

          - President  -  Michael Berchtold (K6MKL)

          - Vice President  -  Albert Solomon (AG6OF)

          - Secretary/Treasurer  -  Kris Jacob (KC6TOD)

          - Member at Large  -  Judi Murdock (KK6GLA)

          - Member at Large  -  June Eckert (AG6UG)

          - Member at Large  -  Gene Eckert (KJ6OML)

We hope to see everyone at the December meeting!!!   Remember the meeting is on December 12th!!


Michael Berchtold, K6MKL

2016 Vice President of the Western Amateur Radio Association