Western Amateur
Radio Association

Welcome to the Western Amateur Radio Association

Nearly four decades of providing service to our community. Wara History
Western Amateur Radio Association
WARA has been providing service to the community for 38 years, with emphasis on the continuance of Amateur Radio and providing a resource for new Hams.

Western Amateur Radio Association
P.O. Box 5565
Fullerton, CA 92838-5565
WARA Board
The Western Amateur Radio Association's Board of Directors
Michael Berchtold

Michael Berchtold, K6MKL

WARA's President.
Albert Solomon

Albert Solomon, AG6OF

WARA's Vice President
Kris Jacob

Kris Jacob, KC6TOD

WARA's Secretary/Treasurer.
Gene Thorpe

Gene Thorpe, KB6CMO

N6ME Repeater Trustee.
June Eckert

June Eckert, AG6UG

Member at Large.
Gene Eckert

Gene Eckert, KJ6OML

Member at Large.
Judi Murdock

Judi Murdock, KK6GLA

Member at Large.